Launcher Pro and Transcend

For a change a technical post.

Been using Android phone for quite sometime and I came across this new app for android called Launcher pro through rediff. When I started digging deep came to know this app is quite famous in android market. I realised i have not even explored even 1% of the things out there.

So coming back to Launcher Pro, this actually changes the look and feel of the home screen and the app drawer. But I couldnt explore further because many of the features are reserved for Launcher Pro Plus for which you need to pay.

Regarding Transcend, I bought a Transcend 1 TB external hard disk some time back. The disk started giving problems right from day 1. But still I was able to use it for sometime but after sometime the problem occured very frequently. Feeling weary of Indian service center I hesitated contacting them. But when I felt I cant take it anymore, I went to their service center. Was surprised to see such a big service center and there were minimum 25 people waiting.

The disk had lot of data I had collected over few months. I was unsure if they would help me in recovering the data. When I handed it to them they just gave me a receipt and sent me home. I consoled myself data or no data atleast I need a working disk. After waiting for around 40 days, they have provided me with a new disk without any quesitons. I didnt expect that. Though the data was lost, I was given a new disk. The new one is working without any issues. So anyone out there who is having issues with Transcend disks and still within warranty period run to the service center. They offer excellent service, but no gurantee on data.


K Praveen said…
Lucky service guy. He will be having your collection at home now :)

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