Why it rains

The only reason it rains is to get me drenched without mercy. Always this happens. When I m in road it will start raining, the moment I stop somewhere and take shelter in some shop it will slowly subside but will come back with vengence when I am back on road.

I dont mind getting drenched but the package I carry should not get drenched.

Today as I was halfway in OMR it poured I took shelter in some shop. It took 15 minutes for the rain to subside. But when I was back on road it rained cats and dogs. Chennai roads which are nightmare when it doesnt rain becomes nightmarish deathtraps when it rains. There was traffic jam and I couldnt run to any shelter. After coming out of the jam took shelter for the second time. Atlast rain won, I got drenched, delayed, irritated etc etc.

When I reached home I find that it hasnt rained a single drop in this part of the region. If only i had taken an alternate route I would have escaped the wrath of raingod but ..


S.Srikanthan said…
congrats!! ;-)

ungala maari nallavanga irukarthu naala thaan Chennaila Mazhai peyithungo :-)

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