Random Scribbling

Last week saw couple of movies and some of them were really good and some of them we kind of okayish.

Midnight Run and My Cousin Vinny blew me away. These are excellent comedies. De Niro and Pesci are legends.

Then I saw The Rite. Every movie about exorcism cannot escape from reminding us of the classic The Exorcist. This movie too reminded that movie a lot but still was not as good as I expected. Especially towards the end it became highly predictable. If you want to get scared better go for Drag me to Hell.

Love in the time of Cholera was another movie which I saw. This movie though it has some poetic moments was a bit artificial at many places. For some reason the make up, the setting didnt seem very real. It reminded me that I m watching a drama rather than a movie. But still Javier Bardem gives a totally different performance when compared to No country for Old Men. In the latter he looked menacing but in this period romantic movie he convinced us with his performance of a love striken man.


S.Srikanthan said…
My Cousin Vinny was a very good movie.. i loved it too...

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