I know its too late to post anything on this movie but I watched this movie only this weekend and to be frank I was surprised to find it to be entertaining. Initially there were so many characters, it was difficult to remember who is who but as the story unfolded everything became clear.

I never expected Ajith will do a full length negative role. I was kind of expecting a scene where he will say "I was undercover CID" and turn into a good guy. Though some of his actions were a but artifical but overall he has given good performance.

If Rajini had done such a movie I could visualise how the media and politicions would have worked overtime blaming Rajini for smoking, drinking and using bad words in screen. Since this was Ajith, this was not made into a controversy. For the first time noticed bad words being used casually in a movie and that too Ajith was mouthing some of those dialogues. No one would have agreed to that on screen.

Overall the movie was very entertaining.


K Praveen said…
It's a hopeless movie where the second half was almost unbearably noisy. Premji Amaran mokkai was too much. Ajith was to some extent tolerable when compared to his other movies.

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