Samsung BD-D6700

Once you have a big 3D HD TV, the next obvious purchase should be a blu-ray player. After breaking my head for over a month I zeroed in on Samsung BD-D6700. The point here is that this model is available only in the US. Somehow got the blu-ray player in hand today.

Features I like about the player - Slot loading mechanism, the buttons are all touch screen type and dynamic (by dynamic I mean you wont see an eject button unless you have a disc inside), ultra fast blu ray disc loading speed, Dual HDMI output, Optical output, 1GB built in memory for BD Live and Smart TV features

Are there any negatives - Since this is a US model I need a step down transformer to convert 220 V to 110 V, which occpies more space and adds more wires to an already cluttered system. Apart from that I also feel the system is heating up a lot. Not sure whether the system dislikes India weather condition.

Picture quality is excellent but I can't test the real Dolby HD or DTS HD as I dont have the right receiver for the same. 


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