Nightmares in Chennai

Well yes I know listing down nightmares in chennai is a endless topic but still I dont have any other punch bags other than this medium.

Friday evening I was waiting at Sholinganallur signal. Our super intelligent traffic police kept the signal open for traffic towards adyar for almost 5 mins. He does the same for all sides except for my side. When my side turned green within seconds he turned it red. Again an aganising wait began and I almost was waiting at the signal for almost 15 minutes. I have no idea who is that genius who adviced our traffic police to operate the signals manually and to keep the signal green for one side eternally. That too sometimes the operation of the signal is given to people who are not traffic police. They put their ass on a stool and lazily operate the signal at their whim.

Now I agree electricity is something which should be used with care so that we dont waste it as it has an impact on our universe. But to be in chennai the government does the job of saving the electricity by switching it off for intervals between 2 to 9 hours.

Police kills 6 people in encounter. People praise police. Even prekg student will laugh at the police if they say they couldnt catch even one person alive. Looks like the scene of crime itself had lot of loopholes which didnt support the police theory. Now some people will jump saying that it is easy to sit comfortably in a chair and type ridiculuous things rather then playing in the field. Well I know thats not an easy job but when power is misused we dont have much choice other than to crib. If Anna Hazare was from chennai he would have staged a 3 days fast against this activity. Thats the maximum possible in this country.

Ahimsa sold because it was done against British who could empathise, but the same Ahimsa wont hold up against our own race. They are thick skinned monsters.


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