Death is the most painful problem in front of human kind. Many by nature finds solution to all the problems he faces. If we just look at all the advancements he has made it will be astounding. For all his problems man has found one solution or other. But still he hasnt found a solution to "the most painful problem" he faces, death.

He has been there for centuries but still he has not made progress even at a miniscule level. He is still attached to the term "mortal". Will mankind ever become immortal? Can the earth survive if there is no death? This point that not everything is under the control of man proves the point that there must be something which is a lot more powerful than man. That powerful thing must have created this world and put in death as something which cannot be overpowered.

Even the scriptures doesnt talk about anyone being immortal.

Will future have the answer for being immortal? Can the creation overcome the rule put in by the creator?


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