Way out

AIADMK is promising all power problems will be solved by June. Only if Nithyananda can do some miracle and help us that can happen. There is no accountability. The situation could not have arrived one day suddenly. All the ministers would have know such a problem is approaching. What measures they took? In real world if a man fails in such a scale he will be penalised but here we cannot blame anyone. DMK points to AIADMK as if it would have managed the situation and AIADMK blames DMK. I hear in south people have 10 hrs of power cut. In chennai power supply is cut 2 days in a week for industries. Hope the situation deteriorates and everyone goes back to agriculture. Life in stone age would definitley be better than this current age.

No more coding no more sleepless nights. All electrical appliances will have a slow death and Tamilnadu will become pollution free with everyone migrating to other states. Just waiting when that is going to happen as I dont see any signs from politicians that they are working towards fixing this issue.


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