The Descendants

There are certain movies which I deserately want to like and The Descendants is one of them. At the end some I do like and some does disappoint me. This movies falls in the later category. After all the Oscar hype I was expecting an engaging movie but I felt the movie went nowhere.

The Descendants had some of the standard cliches which I can still cope with but its just the plot never moved anywhere. Again this movie reimnded me of many movies and the closest was Grace is gone, About Schimdt (which again is from the same director of this movie).

I dont have problems with the slow pace of the movie. I have liked movies slower than this. I have also liked Sideways by the same director.

As a road movie though the movie is watchable.


K Praveen said…
I liked the movie for the dialogues. They are minimalistic and to the point. No long winding narrations. But still couldn't figure out why the movie was titled so.

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