Cannibal Holocaust

Finally got the guts to watch this movie and finished it with mixed feelings. This is one movie which has been rated as one of the most difficult movies to sit through. After reading some of the comments section in IMDB I didnt have the appetite to watch this movie but curiosity had the finaly say and I watched it.

The movie starts of with a doctor being sent into the forest to look for some missing people. He travels along with some more people and encounters many challenges before he gets hold of the camera which the issing people were using. He comes back and watched the shot footage only to see some of the most gruesome things the filming crew committed.

The movie has a weird and strange look and feel. It was like watching a documentary than a film. But since I was prepared for some of the scenes I didnt have much problem watching the entire movie. But this movie is strictly not recommended to people who hate violence against animals. You will see some most horrific scenes.

The movie has strong dose of Cannibalism as well so watch it only if you really want to watch it.

For me I found it strange and weird sometimes and boring sometimes ...


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