Laugh out loud

Today I read an article in The Hindu and had a hearty laugh. The point is the article was written with such serious committment. The article says that they are going to introduce ITMS in Chennai. Wow thats really wonderful to start with. The proposed cost for implementation is 150 crores. I can see your imagination running wild and you will be merging the photopraghs of Chennai and London hoping for the better.

But hold on, the moment you expand ITMS you will erase all those imagination and go back to your work. ITMS means Integrated traffic management system. Excellent whoever coined this term deserves a pat in their arse. The article has very high ambition and goes like there will be green channels for ambulances within Chennai so that they wont get struck in traffic. The moment I read that I assumed that they might talking about something like dedicated bus line, which in itself was a non starter. But no its just not about dedicated lane for ambulance you have an Italian Job in your hand. Yes, it seems there will be cameras in all signals and it will find out if an ambulance is stuck in traffic and will immediately change the signal to green. Yes sir this system is being proposed in Chennai not in some futuristic city. When you read such an article you can only laugh through your ass and move on.

But at the end of this project there will be some filthy rich people.


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