À l'intérieur

I have seen some violent movies but nothing comes closer to À l'intérieur. Sometime back I saw Martyrs and felt that it is the most violent movie I have ever seen but À l'intérieur gives Martyrs a run for its money. It's always painful to watch pregnant women on screen as every step the woman takes we will have be very anxious that she should be alright. When they are subjected to violence then it will be highly unbearable. That was one reason I kept avoiding watching this movie and finaly curiosity took over me and I watched it tonight.

This movie makes us watch the movie through the gaps in our fingers. This is not a horror or thriller this is a violent movie. The violence is not the one we see in Kill Bill (well the begining scene of Kill Bill Vol 1 comes closer) this is more than that.

I would not recomment this movie to anyone.


K Praveen said…
So, is it a good movie or a bad movie?
Dan said…
t'was just bland violence nothing else

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