Yercaud - Day 2

The weather was still chilly on the second day morning. Already you could hear people walking here and there around 7 AM. This is the problem with hotels and trains. When you are longing to sleep for that additional 30 minutes these early birds will be walking here and there.

After having a great buffet breakfast, this is one good benefit when you stay in some good hotels, it was planned to visit the other places.

The hotel we stayed, Grand Palace, is situated few meters from the lake but up the hill. Getting down the hill itself is a painful task for the legs but still the weather helps you to get through with it. After reaching the lake we took an auto to go to some of the places.

The first place we visited was Ladies seat. The entry fee is Rs 20 per head and I was not given any tickets too. It is another view point to the valley. This day it was fully covered in mist. The place itself was filled with monkeys and it was scary to go near them.From there we went to Gents seat another view point. Gents seat view point compared to ladies seat had better view.

From there we were dropped at a place called Childrens park and were asked to vist it and come out through Rose Garden. The place was totally deserted with some Gaja's hanging around. It was little scary but still we walked through and found some more view points. Finally after getting lost managed to reach Rose Garden. There was no Roses inside. We were picked up from there and proceeded towards Kiliyur Falls our next destination.

On the way we stopped at a Perfume place and bought some oils and perfumes.

Kiliyur falls is 3 KM from the lake and the road is narrow but still people manage it as a two way road. We were dropped at a place and from there we had to go downhill and taken some gian staircases to reach the waterfalls. It is a painful journey for the legs. But the waterfalls itself looks great. We were told that there is not much water but still there was some good amount of water flowing. People were climbing all over the rocks and playing in the water. The trip back from the falls which is climbing the giant staircase and uphill walk was very tiring. My body is not just used to this.

Finally we were dropped at the lake and another uphill tiring walk to the hotel. Though it was tiring I wanted to do it. Once inside the room the weather changed and it started raining.

It is still raining outside as I am typing this.

For Day 3 I dont have any plans as of now, lets see how it goes.


Niths said…
You could have added couple of pics here!!

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