Yercaud - Day 1

After lot of delibration Yercaud was chosen over Ooty for a vacation. Once the location was chosen the next task was to choose a hotel. I was delibrating between Grand Palace, GRT and Sterling but finally settled with Grand Palace.

Started on 23rd Oct by taking the Yercaud express. This one starts at 10:40 PM from chennai and reaches Salem at 4:55 AM. It was raining heavily when we started to Chennai Central. Finally we managed to board Yercaud Express and it started exactly at 10:40 PM as mentioned. And not only that it reached Salem at 4:55 AM.

The checkin time at Grand Palace is only 12 PM so I had 7 hours to kill. It was raining heavily in Salem at 4:55 AM. I waited in the station, which is very small, for almost 3 hrs before I took a bus to Salem new bus stand.

After reaching the new bus stand went to a hotel and paid Rs 78 for 4 idlis, 2 medhu vadais and 1 cofffee.

I caught the bus to Yercaud at 8:45 AM. The Yercaud route has 20 hair pin bends and the route has some very good views and the weather was chilly with no rain. Reached Yercaud around 10 AM and took an auto to the hotel.

The Grand Palace hotel in Yercaud is excellent. It has great lawn and it offers excellent view of the valley. The staffs are very friendly and offer good service.

After a boat ride in the evening was back in room. There was a bonfire around 9 PM and now back inside the room. The valley is now dark with some shining lights in couple of places.


Niths said…
Nice and I believe the local trains running inside tamil nadu mostly keep on time. Atleast that is what I have experienced!
Dan said…
they are in a hd diff to access now lazy to get em ..

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