Clerks - I

Most of us would have come across a day in our life when everything goes wrong right from the time we wake up. Atleast I have come across such situations very frequently. Clerks I is all about such situations happening to a convenience store clerk. The irony is that he was not supposed to be there at the store when all this starts.

I was putting off watching this movie for a long time as I noticed the entire movie was shot in black and white. But yesterday I just thought of seeing a light movie and picked this one.

The movie showcases some very interesting characters and whichever field we are in we would have come across such characters in some form or other. There are couple of guys in this movie whose only job for entire day is to stand in one street corner smoke, chit chat, smoke, dance, smoke and smoke.

I hear the original ending they had planned was a sad one but I am glad that they didnt go for it and instead went for a lighter one.


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