Banana Republic

Its really getting nasty in Banana republic that you might be arrested if they come to know you sneezed when you were not supposed to. As Rajni defends himself for sneezing during a play in Muthu, you may not be able to do. Before you even open your mouth to defend you will be counting the bars.

Sometimes it looks like hitlerish governance is happening but who will tie the bell to the cat? Some people here and there were rising voices and some gutless people were atleast expressing their views in Internet media now it will also come to an end.

I have heard of such measures happening in some strong communist countries but despite than when we look at the progress they make I feel it will be better than Banana Republic.

Hope my post is not controversial in anyway.

PS: Except for Rajini and his movie Muthu everything else in above post is fictional including the country Banana Republic.


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