It's always difficult to accept change. Sometimes a change though brings you something which you always wanted its difficult to let go of the past. Many hours are spent thinking about the past. Always the past looks beautiful than the present. May be it is because we know the result of the past but not the present.

The dialogue in Sivaji "If we come to know of the date of our death life will become hell" I do not know whether I agree to that fully. May be if we know the boundaries we can play the game in a better way. We do not have to worry about unnecassary things. But yes it might also have its own disadvantages like people will stop working. The unknown part is the driving force.

I started somewhere and have digressed into a totally different thought. I am confused.


Anonymous said…
Speaking of life after knowing the certainty of one's death, I think you should try reading "Tuesdays with Morrie" - A true story by Mitch Albom. I enjoyed reading it. Hope you like it too Dany! It's a short novel, so you should be able to complete it in no time. Here's a link.

Dan said…
Sure Anon will try that
Balaji said…
I would suggest the Second half of Sivaji, "Chumma Adhiridhulla", and embrace change and ride!
Dan said…
@Balaji, hmm lets see

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