What would you do?

What would you do when things happen to you which you have always heard happening to people known to your friends friend? things which you assumed will happen only to others? when you know you belong to the minority? when things worse than whatever you had assumed as the worst thing that can happen to you?

In the last few days life has proved to be very difficult to live with. Yes in just a second everything you have built till that point of time can collapse like a castle of cards. The places and things which looked normal now looks like haunted and creepy places. You try to forget certain things but it doesn't last long. It just comes back at you at the speed of a tsunami. Heart is one heck of an organ it is able to withstand so much pressure.

Life has never been fair. Chance and Luck plays a major factor in how your life shapes up. I have wished many times that I had been a different person than who I am now. I wish I hadn't come across certain things, certain people which/who has shaped me who I am. I never had control over those situations but those situations had done some permanent damage from which I will never be able to recover.

How long will this agony, called life will continue? I know there is an end but 'when' is the question.


Narain said…
I would talk to myself for sometime.. share with others mt frustations and then move on.. At the end move one is the only option..
Dan said…
right we just have to move on :(
Niths said…
"Heart is one heck of an organ it is able to withstand so much pressure" - So True!!

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