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Been watching some movies since last week and happened to watch two feel good movies from great directors. I had never heard of the movies but just wanted to try them out and was pleasantly surprised with both of them.

The first one was Flipped a beautiful movie about two teenagers where the girl falls in love (gets flipped) over the guy as a kid and the guy takes years to understand it. The movie had some genuinely heart warming moments. While the narrative was a bit familiar and repetitive only when the credits rolled I noticed the director was Rob Reiner. He is one solid director and most of his movies are in my favorites list. With him as the director we can sure to witness some beautiful moments on screen.

The next one was more like a coming of age movie but with lesser vulgarity and profanity when compared to American Pie. The movie was I Love you Beth Cooper. The characters were not as stupid as they appear in other coming of age movies and there were some moments where there was scope for cinematic cliches but they were avoided for some realism. Only when the end credits roles I noticed it was directed by Chris Columbus another excellent director.

Atlast just finished watching The Painted Veil for the second time and the movie still has the same impact. A poetic movie with a heart wrenching climax.


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