When you dont see

There are few things which we can't see even though we have our eyes wide open. No matter how focused you are it just happens right in front of your eyes which you cant notice.

I went for a walk with an elderly person in a park when I was in London. She asked me this question "When does it gets dark in Chennai?". Until then I never cared to notice this behavior but the question was out there and I had to answer it. I did give a random number. She also told that even though we are wide awake darkness just engulfs us without us noticing it. Though we can give some approximate time to it we cannot point a moment and say this is when it happened.

When you are riding a bike during dusk you might consider switching on the headlight after it gets dark but before you knew it you would be riding in darkness.

In life many things happen right under your nose but we fail to notice them.

Recently saw a movie named "Feast of Love". Morgan Freeman played his usual role of narrating the events. In this movie there is a quote where he says the same thing. We just have to keep our eyes open to notice things. The end is always there in the beginning.


Anonymous said…
Dan, I am back after a long time.. What happened?
Dany J said…

things happen :)
Anonymous said…
what Happened Dan?

Niths said…
I can only say one thing here - Well written
Dany J said…
hello reddy garu welcome
:)... Searching for your mail id all over the blog. Could not find it.
Dany J said…
in time i will get in touch with you all

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