First Road Trip

This weekend went on my first longest road trip and that too with no one to guide. But google came to my rescue. I just love google maps it is highly dependable.

There was a wedding of my colleague at Kurinjipadi and I decided it was time for my first road trip. A friend who was supposed to join me had to back out at the last minute and I had to make the critical go/no go decision and I decided to go.

I was planning to go through ECR but since the friend didnt join me I decided to take the Tindivanam route. After filling my cars tank full I hit the GST. I started at 2 and there was less traffic luckily for me and I crossed Tambaram and crossed the toll and took Chengelpet by pass. NH 45 is awesome first time I enjoyed driving. I was going steadily at 80 and vehicles were overtaking me. There was another toll before Tindivanam and after crossing it there was one more toll. After that there was a board which said Tanjaore/Kumbakonam to left and Villupuram and Trichy straight. I was actually looking for NH 45C and there was no road numbers mentioned. I went straight ahead and realised I should have taken the Kumbakonam route and came back for that.

NH 45C goes through Panruti and that road was a nightmare. It was a two lane road with one for incoming and another outgoing traffic. I stopped there for 15 minutes for a coffee break. Once I started I noticed buses and lorries doesn't mind the oncoming traffic they just come on to you. It was 60 kms of pure nightmare in that horrible road. Google was guiding me beautifully and after reaching Vadalur I took left to go to Kurinjipadi. Reached my destination at 6:45 PM. It was 214 Kms till the wedding hall.

Started from there around 8:45 and took the same route.NH 45C was even more dangerous during night but  still I was sriving with more confidence as I knew the route now. Once I reached NH 45 I just took a 5 mins break and reached home around 12:15 AM.

Though it was tiring it was worth it.


S.Srikanthan said…
yes, it is a wonderful road, the NH45... try driving to Trichy once, the enjoyment will be more..

BTW, you could have visited my home in Cuddalore :-)
K Praveen said…
We should hit the road together once. Bangalore?
Dany J said…
@srikanth if i had gone as per original plan via ECR i would have gone via Cuddalore

@praveen lets try pondi with stopovers inbetween for scenic views

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