Michael Haneke the name induces in you an uncomfortable feeling. The director of the movie Funny Games which cannot be forgotten easily. But as I had already read about Amour I knew this will not be as frightening as Funny Games. In fact I was prepared to cry my heart out.

The movie treads on the same path which movies with similar theme follows. The actors were terrific and yes they are veterans so I am not even fit to discuss about their acting prowess.

The movie from the word go starts on a depressing note and follows the same. Your heart does go out for both of them. The ending was something unexpected but reminded me a lot about a scene from the movie I am Legend.

There are many scenes which are difficult to understand. I could see in IMDB board people are giving lot of interpretations for those scenes. Unless the director himself comes and comments we will not know what he meant by some of those scenes.

But this is not a movie for everyone.  I have witnessed a person deteriorate the same way as the leading lady in this movie deteriorates. It is very painful for both the parties.

If you like movies which effectively conveys the sadness then this movie is for you.


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