There are lot of things to write about but at the same time there is nothing much to write about. Whatever I am going to say has already been said and its difficult to be non repetitive.

How can there be a post without my favorite topic Chennai. It just drizzled in Chennai and Chennai transforms into Venice. For the water starved Chennaites rains brings misery instead of cheer. When you wake up and notice its raining outside you can already feel that sick feeling in your stomach.

Traffic comes to standstill and roads have potholes that can trip T-Rex.

On Kochadaiiyaan teaser, to be frank I never had any hopes that this movie will even see daylight. I still feel the same as we haven't been shown anything significant. There can be two reasons why nothing is being revealed. One the film has really come out magnificently and they genuinely want to maintain secrecy, two there is no movie except for 2 or 3 stills and 10 sec teaser. It's time to see some really good movie from Rajinikanth which hasn't been happening for sometime.


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