I was watching Friends season 7 and there comes an episode where Rachel talks about kissing a girl during her college friend and the friend indeed was beautiful. At that time I just noted to find out who it was.

The next day randomly I chose the movie Heathers for a Saturday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised for couple of reasons. One the movie featured the same actress whose name I wanted to check out from Friends and two the movie itself was a different experience.

The movie had a chick film look all the way but dealt with some very scary moments. The movie features Winona Ryder, who is absolutely gorgeous. Christian Slater who plays the male lead reminded me our own Sharukh Khan. There is very high probability Khan as picked up some mannerisms from Slater.

The movie revolves around the life of teenage folks in a school and there are in total three Heathers in the movie. The movie dealt with Suicides and Murders in a very different way without making it look gory. In fact it gives it a comic feel.

The movie also reminded me of the Japanese movie Suicide which dealt with Suicide in a serious manner.


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