It's been a long time since I watched a movie where we are pulled into the setup without us knowing. Happiness is one such movie which I watched recently. Somehow I have always found movies which has multiple threads running interesting. Movies such as Love Actually, He is just not that into you, Requiem for a Dream, Valentines Day fall into that category.

Happiness is one such movie where it introduces us to various interesting characters whom the typical society will ideally categorize as losers or fake. But let me warn you that this is one movie which touches upon some highly taboo subjects such as Pedophilia and Incest. There are quite a few scenes which will make you cringe in your seat even when you are watching it alone. But still it does not depress you many other movies does and there is always an dark humor undercurrent running.

If you are looking for not the usual cinema then this is for you.


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