Close on the heals of The Chaser here is another post on another great Korean movie. This movie is all about being kind and about friendship. When we watch such other language movies we can see how much our culture and their culture, our thinking and their thinking, our life and their life are similar. We always imagine that the life among people who live far away from us will be very exotic or too tragic but we will be surprised to see that they are exactly the same. It is also surprising that the moral values are also same across the globe.

Coming to this movie we will feel shocked and sad for the life of woman who suffers a lot under her husband and gossip mongers. It resembles some of our old Tamil movies. I can immediately think of a Tamil movie called "Porter Kandhan" where the hero goes through trouble after trouble till the last scene of the movie.

It is the same heroine from The Chaser and the acting is top notch and the message conveyed is beautiful. Since I didn't know what to expect from the movie right from the start every scene was engaging and made me wonder where all was going. The ending is different and I felt it was a great ending. This is one movie which you shouldn't miss.


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