The Way

Why do we love movies and books? There are many reasons for that and one main reason among them is you can watch someone do the things that you want to do but is not in a position to do. Being a person who would love to travel around but not in a position to do Movies provide the easiest solution for my problem. That's one main reason for me being a fan of road movies. Road movies in any form be it horror, drama, comedy I just love them.

Now coming to the point, I recently watched a really beautiful movie called "The Way". Until I watched the movie I was not even aware there is such a thing called Camino de Santiago. Ever since seeing the movie I have a great urge to participate in the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage starts from France and moves through the mountains of Spain.

It does have a documentary feel but with a story line. The walk is beautiful. We feel like we are walking the same path that Martin sheen takes. When he settles in a inn we are there with him. During night when its just the stars to his company we can feel the cool breeze.

This is one movie which a road movie fan should not miss.


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