Cold Fish

Whenever you feel that you have seen everything and nothing more can beat what you have seen comes another movie which moves the boundary further. Cold Fish is one such movie. The movies pulls you in right from the first scene and builds up the suspense and gore that you can't take your eyes away from screen. Well there are some scenes which are not for weak hearted.

Sometimes it felt like we were watching Japanese version of Falling Down but it is not Japanese Falling Down. The protagonist is not like our man from Falling Down. He just keeps taking the beating.

As I am writing this I can see some similarities between the antagonist in this movie and Haneefa from Mahanadhi. He is such a smooth guy that people can easily fall into his trap. The tag that this movie is inspired from true story scares us more than the content of the movie.

I have been seeing only violent movies from Japan I think I should switch over to some light comedies so that I can get different perspective of Japanese movies.


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