Well ! Well ! Well ! what can we say about this movie which made most of the cinema fans go crazy during its release? Nolan is like hollywood's Kamal Hassan. Same as how Kamal fans provide wonderful interpretation even for micro facial expresison change by Kamal, Nolan fans support Nolan like anything.

Any criticism which Nolan would be ready to accept will not be acceptable to his fans. Is Interstellar a bad movie? I wouldn't say that but I do not believe in the concept of time travel. Some people believe if they move faster than light they can go back in history. It is like saying if we rotate the earth in reverse direction we will go to the past. I know it is not as simple as that but still I don't think you can go to the past or even the future. There are lot of questions to be answered before we can accept time travel is possible. 

Now regarding Interstellar the wave scene is something which I will remember for a very long time. The thought of us being all alone in a planet light years away from earth in itself gives the creeps. That too to imagine it is filled with water and occasionally throws giant waves is icing on the cake.

For some reason I couldn't really appreciate the movie as much as Nolan fans are doing.


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