Some great road movies

Travel has always fascinated me and that fascination led me in search of some great road movies. I have listed below some of the greatest road movies and movies focusing on travel.

1) Tracks

This is a great movie set in the Australian outback about a woman who walks 1900 miles with 3 camels and a faithful dog. The movie is purely about that journey and nothing else.

2) Wild

This is similar to Tracks but set in America about a girl who walks 1100 miles.

3) The Way

This is about a father who wants to complete the journey his son couldn't complete. The movie is about the El Camino de Santiago walk. The movie makes you wish to take that walk

4) Rabbit Proof Fence

While the other 3 movies listed above are about people who wanted to embark on the journey this one about three kids forced to take a long journey across the tough Australian outback.

5) The Straight Story

While the other 3 movies listed above are about travelling on foot this one is about a travel on a lawn mover.

6) Charlie and Boots

Another great movie set in Australia about the travel of a father son duo.

7) Everything is illuminated

This one is probably more commercial than the movies listed above but this is set across a beatiful journey across eastern Europe.

8) Y Tu Mama Tambien

This is another awesome road movie about a road trip by two teenagers and a woman across south america.

9) One Week

Though it has a sad feeling running all through be prepared for a great ride through Canadian wild side

10) A walk in the woods

A movie focusing on two old men trekking through Appalachian Trail.

11) The Art of Travel

A single guy's travelling experience through South America


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