The concept sounded interesting and the hype that Shah Rukh has conveniently pulled off a 24 year added to the excitement. Did the reality meet the expectation? Well it is mixed reaction.

The main problem with the movie is in that it tries to be realistic and cinematic at the same time. The first half is realistic. When the Fan cries we can relate to him. But the second half goes over the top.

The ending is something which can see miles before it comes.

Even though the movie sounds to be message oriented it doesn't convey clearly what it is trying to convey.

But having said all that Shah Rukh is excellent.

The sad thing is this movie could have been so many things. After setting up such a first half it just fails somewhere.


K Praveen said…
People say that this movie is a solace for Shahrukh fans because his previous movies were huge duds.
Dany J said…
This one goes into the category of Kamal formula where even if the movie fails you can escape with "critically acclaimed". Also I hear this one is not doing as expected business wise .

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