Certain things are just unbelievable.

After MGRs demise no one would have guessed Jayalalitha can become CM but it happened.

But after the 1996 fiasco again no one would have guessed she can become CM again but it happened.

Between 1991 - 1996 it was mostly the ministers sycophancy and self indulgence of her that earned the wrath of the people.

But who would have guessed that the same people will do a 180 degree turnaround and show the kind of dedication which makes the sycophancy of the ministers pale in comparison. Atleast the ministers will benefit for their sycophancy but what does these common people gain? How did they become so dedicated? I don't think that they show that kind of dedication to anyone else in their family.

If MGR was a phenomenon he looks like a kid in front of Jayalalitha.

It is very difficult to understand people.

But nature evens out everything. It's ways are really unpredictable.

We need to wait and watch.


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