Medical Care

Today I took my daughter to one of the leading ENT hospitals in Chennai. She has been suffering from breathing problems and I took her there to get a second opinion as one other doctor had recommended surgery.

In the net I could see positive as well as negative comments on that hospital but still I wanted to give it a try.

One thing I observed is from the moment we step in they have already decided the prescription which is nothing but surgery.

The chief doctor was not even interested in writing any prescription. His motto was take the surgery or go back to Pediatrician for medical prescriptions.

It was sad he doesn't even want to try few medicines before opting for the knife.

It is very sad the way the whole thing was treated.

For no reason a blood test was recommended and only later I realised that even blood test is also for checking if the child is fit for surgery.

The entire set up was like running a business. A consultant meets you first and recommends lot of tests. The chief meets you with the test results and spends just few minutes before transferring you to another assistant whose job is to explain you in detail about the surgery. They put so much pressure on you that you are tempted to opt for surgery right then.

Such treatments makes you lose the faith on doctors.

I have to say I also saw few doctors who were very open in saying "this is normal no medicine is needed". But unfortunately we feel those doctors are not good. We are to be blamed for this mentality.


S.Srikanthan said…
Do try Homeopathy JRK. if needed, let me know i will give u details. I hope she is better now
Dany J said…
right i am doing that

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