When I was a school going student I was jealous of college going "Annas" and office going "Appa". I used to long for those days when I will become one. When I became a college going Anna, I felt it will be better to do away with all the studies and be a job going person. The moment I joined a company I didn't get the happiness I was looking for. I am now jealous of my retired father and look forward to retired life. I know it will have it's own pain and I will not enjoy that life as well.

Life is full of pain. The only time we can be happy is the first 3 years before we join school when everyone's attention is on us. When we fall down so many hands will rush to help us. When we cry even a stranger would want to comfort us.

After that even your parents will not come to comfort you when you are crying at a strange place called school. It only gets worse with teachers start acting like dictators, showing favoritism to some. The pain only worsens.


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