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Art of Exchange

Few days back when I was walking along the famous Renganathan Street, T.Nagar I saw people scurrying past the road holding onto some stuff or other in their hand. The stuffs were from old age broomstick to groceries to toys to whatever one can imagine. The stuffs which didn’t belong to them few minutes back now belonged to them. The way they hold on to the stuffs that they have bought using Money conveys a definite meaning to onlookers.
"Hey this stuff is mine. Don’t even think about touching it"
In the above sentence the word "mine" is very powerful. This is responsible for most if not all the problems in the world.
"This is mine" tell this aloud you will get a weird good feeling.
By exchanging few papers they buy stuffs which were not created by them, which they could never imagine to create. The greatest process man has created in my view is the art of exchange.
If we sit on a time machine and go back to the days of Adam and Eve, it is difficult to contempl…

Google Jet

A nice interesting photo from

Good Old Days 1

From Rani comics I moved on to Muthu Comics and Lion Comics. There used to be a character called Spider (i am not sure of the name). Also the famous "irumbu kai maayavi". This guy has on had made of iron. Whenever he touches electricity with that hand he will become invisible. It will last only for few hours.

The books also used contained lot of funny cartoons such as archie etc.

Parallely Ambulimama, Balamithra, Poonthalir also used to take up most of my time. The stories which revolved around jungles, kings, prohits they are unforgetable. The pictures for those stories made an everlasting impact.

Very late I came across Siruvar Malar from Dina Malar. That also had very good content. I used to like 'pala muga manan Joe'.

These are books which gave images to our imagination. Someway or other our thoughts were definitley redifned.

I did come across few russian books which also were a good read.

At a very later stage I was introduced to Tinkle. I can keep reading tinkle for …

Good Old Days 1

I thought of writing a series called Good Old days where I will remember things from the past.

Thought of writing about Tamil comics of the old days (old days here refer to my childhood days for some it may not be that old but for some it may seem too old).

I remember buying my own tamil comic book by Rani comics in 1985 May in Dharavi (yes in Mumbai which was then Bombay). I was in Bombay visiting my aunt and happend to see the comic hanging in a shop. The name i vaguely remember it as "Irumbu Manithan".

From then on there was no stop. I became a fan of Rani comics and started buying all subsequent versions of it.

I used to buy it from the near by magazine shop which was at Palavanthangal Railway station. I think the comic was a monthly. I used to wait eagerly to get the book in hand. Oh how it felt to hold the new copy in hand with its shiny cover. There used to be red indians stories, james bond stories, mayavi and a lot more.

There was also a "pei thodar kathai" in …


All of them entered into the room and took their seats. This was the only room available for their meeting in the campus sprawling acres. After walking through corridors which resembled a maze they found the room. The first thing Siva Rajesh noted as he entered the room was there was no source for natural light into that room. Someone switched on the lights and a dim white light filled the entire room. On three sides Siva Rajesh saw that he was covered by walls without windows and on one side there was a glass door which had a dark corridor beyond.

“Hello Guys, lets start our team meeting. The first thing on the agenda is updating status. Can everyone update the status of your work?”

The leader of his team started the meeting.

Everybody started telling that X is pending and Y is completed and Siva Rajesh did his part.

“Next Joshua Peethambaram will give a presentation on the latest technology called Palmistry”

“What the hell is that?” Siva Rajesh thought.

The guy who joined the team very re…

Football Frenzy

Now all the hoopla about football has come to an end (has it? don’t know still how many are still carrying these matches in their heart – I know many will) yesterday I thought of putting my feelings about this much sort after sport. Well I would like to go one step above that and wanted to write something about sports in general.

The much awaited world cup 2006 was started with much fanfare. Luckily or unluckily since I was in one of those countries which participated in this cup willingly or unwillingly I was made to witness what was happening around me.

The hype for the game started long-time before the competition actually began. Newspapers didn’t have to worry about what to fill because they had loads and loads to write about the game. It was not only about the game it was about the players and their families as well. Cars had their countries flag planted on to the top. Everybody believed that their country is a potential candidate to lift the cup though they were not the favourites…


A fake intellectual called Gurubaran

Gurubaran looked excited. He had a brown envelope in his left hand and half a glass of lemon tea in the right hand. He sipped the tea and grazed the letter for the 14th time. you cannot call it a letter also you cannot call it a parcel. The cover had 24 sheets of white paper and only one line of message in the first sheet. The telegraphic message read "One eyed yogi will be arriving on 06-05-06 by Kaveri express from LA. Please receive at Egmore"

Why 24 sheets for a single line message? He also fruitlessly checked for any other encrypted message inside it. He referred to 12th class chemistry guide 'Ganga' and applied citric acid and other sweet smelling agents on all the sheets. Also he had problem in understanding the date. Since the date was just 06-05-06 he was not sure whether he has to use the "dd/mm/yy" or "mm/dd/yy" or "yy/mm/dd" or "yy/dd/mm". Different combinations generated in him di…

Fearless - Review

Day - Friday
Time - 3:55 PM

The next day was my anniversary so I thought of going to a movie with my wife. After checking the local newspaper we zeroed in on Jet Li’s “Fearless”.

After buying popcorns (I don’t like popcorn) and coke lime we settled in our seats.
Including us there was only 7 people in the theater and theater itself looked like hall in a 2 BHK apartment.

The advertisements started. I always enjoy the moments before the movie starts whether it be a news reel or advertisements. It is always good to wait for the main show.

Finally movie started with a note that it was a true story of a Chinese fighter Huo Yuanjia. The first scene of the movie starts with the hero (Jet Li playing Huo Yuanjia) in the middle of a competition with four people. Jet Li looks old and looks like he never cared to hide the fact. The opening scene reminded me of the movie Kick Boxer.

The first dialogue was in Chinese. I thought it was an English movie but had to be satisfied with English sub titles. In th…

First Post

After being an observer of many blogs, i have tried to write my own blog.

Why am i writing this blog - i dont know

But somethings which i wanted to share are

Thoughts on GOD
Thoughts about life
Thoughts about the people who act & look like intellectuals

and whatever will come to my mind at that point of time.