Claustrophobia - 2

This post is in continuation to the previous post.

Situation 2 - The other situation which I think could be highly claustrophobic is drowning. Sea or Ocean has always fascinated me. There were times when I used to sit and just stare at the vast active water body spread before me. As heights gives us a feeling to jump so does Ocean or for that matter any deep water body. They generate a strange feeling within ourselves. They invite us into their deep secrets. Try standing at the door of a compartment when a train is crossing a river. It will be very hard to resist the temptaiton to jump into the inviting water.

Now coming back to Claustrophobia, this could be experienced by people who cant swim better than those who can swim but when you are in the middle of pacific both are same.

However shallow it may be but the experience of drowning is mind numbing and highly claustrophobic.

Though I have not experienced a complete drowning there were times when I had been out of control in water. Once we from school went on an excursion to Golden Beach. The moment we saw the sea and the waves we all ran towards it and started playing. As always some over enthu guy invented an over enthu game of pushing people down unexpectedly. I became a victim to the prank and was pushed down when a big wave was sweeping me off the feet. I dont know how long I was there under the water but it felt like eternity. Lungs gasping for water inhaling seawater through nose. Hands looking for some support and not finding any. That is the ultimate moment of Claustrophobia. Though you are not inside a confined environment as described in the previous post you experience the feeling of crampedness. It just needs a second to trigger that feeling. The moment you come out oh what a relief.

Next time when you are playing in water be careful that you dont over indulge.


Balaji S Rajan said…
Dan I understand that.( Nobody would like to understand water....just joking... )That is a worst experience and you risk so much. It is almost death and life comeback.
Dan said…
yes balaji - water is dangerous - lot of movies has dealt on this subject.

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