Mullai Periyar

Mullai Periyar is now becoming a bigger issue. Few months back I was not even aware that such a dam existed. Now people stopped talking about Cauvery and are talking about only Mullaiperiyar.

There is an important thing that we notice here. Everyone whether an individual or government works on a problem only when it is burning. If it is a potential problem they dont take care of it unless it becomes a problem.

We too have the same mentality. When we were kids we used to study only during exams but we very well know that we have to be prepared before the exam comes. We postpone things till they become real problems then start blaming everyone from the beggar who comes at 3 PM to GOD the omnipotent.

The best time to fix a problem is when it is just a potential problem waiting to happen. Govt should have worked on this Mullai Periyar issue long time before it snowballed into a problem. Now when cauery is not a burning issue this is the right time to find a solution for it.

Yes, there are problems on which we are working on for longer time proactively but without results such as the Indo-Pak issue. We know it is a potential problem and we do act on it proactively but still we fail because of our prejudice. If only both parties approached the problem with an open mind may be yeah may be we would have found a solution by now. After all if West and East Germany could unite definitely nothing is impossible. We dont hear about Yoguslovian problems anymore, we dont hear about Punjab problem. So there is a solution for all problems. The right time and the right attitude is what is missing in us.


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