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Here is a list of some advertisements which made us longing for more

1) The first one that comes into my mind is the 7 up ads with the kool cartoon character
2) The vicks vaporub which will show people watching movie and a guy in the crowd will have nasal congestion and the hero in the movie will turn to look at him. Once he uses vicks inhaler hero will continue with dialogue
3) Minnaladikum venmai - Old Rin advertisement. Ivar satai enatha vida velupa
4) Old Pepsi advertisement with tag - Let the magic begin
5) Another pepsi advertisement where our Sachin and Ganguly? will fight for a Pepsi and Azhar will have it
6) Kingfisher - olalalala la la lei
7) Sila vishayame viseshame - Cadburys dairy milk
8) I forgot the product of this advt where one girl will call for someone using her hand and one old man will think she is calling her and come near her to find out she was infact calling someone behind him.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your experience
niveditha said…
Cadburys ad is top class!
I also like Saint Gobain glass ads.
Dan said…
looks like u r the 1ly one accessing this blog
Balaji S Rajan said…
How about when Mobile phones had just come to India there was this ad. A lady would come to a hotel to dine. An old man will be sitting opposite. She will asking over the mobile hidden in her hand and hair "Would you mind giving me company.." or something and while this man starts moving towards her, she will laugh to the voice over the other end and fold her mobile which was so tiny. I think it was Nokia ad.
Dan said…

exactly this was the ad i was referring too. good find.
Kittu said…
infact ericcson ad dhaan maams award vaangichu. the old man would go towards a girl in a restaurant and she would be talking to someone else on the mobile...

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