Man is like a Parasite. Look at him he is always there consuming the resource. Go to any hotel or fast food joint you can see him standing in queue to consume stuffs. Out of what he consumes only very littles comes but most of it is added into his body.

Take the case of petrol or water he keeps consuming like anything and the earth keeps giving him back. When we see how much the earth gives and how much we give back to earth to sustain a balance we see we give very less.

Parasites attach themselves to anything and consume it till there is nothing left to consume and move on to other rich stuffs.

Few days back there was one guy who was proposing artifical trees to remove carbon di oxide (prime reason for global warming) from the atmosphere. He proposes to have acres and acres of fields with these kind of artificial trees. Man who has not been listening to planting real trees will he com forward to plant artifical trees?

The man suggests to convert all the CO2 captured through these trees into a solution. Now here comes his big plan he suggests to put all that solution with CO2 into the depths of the ocean bed. Now ocean bed is always considered to dispose things from needle to nuclear waste. This is nothing but moving a disaster from location A to location B. The interesting point is wherever the disaster happens the whole world will be impacted.

A parasite will eventually die once it has nothing else to consume until then consumption will happen at rapid pace as the number of parasites is also on the increase with resources dwindling.


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