Sucking Advts

There are some advts which we dislike the first time they are telecasted and there are some which we start dislike from second watching.

Here are few advts I dislike

All Shampoo advts (sunsilk,head & shlder, clinic plus etc)
All washing powder & Soap advts (surf, ariel, henkel)
Many of the Clothing advts (bharani txtiles, saravana stores, jeyachandran stores etc)
Many of health drinks advts (Horlicks, Complan etc)
All toilet cleaner advts
All Jewel shop advts (Saravana, Balu etc)
Some of Toothpaste advts (Pepsodent, some Colgate advts)

In the next post let us see some advts which are a treat to watch.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I still remember that Saravana Stores advertisement.... LOL it was fun.
Dan said…
welcome back balaji. long time no c?

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