Indian Ishtyle

We Indians have our own style or way of doing things. And I can tell you that way or style will never be the right way of doing things.

Take a railway ticket reservation, boarding a bus, buying tickets in cinema theater, road directions etc. In all these things the first sign which will say that it is Indian way is the chaos happening around the activity. There will be no signs to guide and no persons to guide. The window marked as enquiry will be closed. In case it is open we will meet the most short tempered guy occupying the seat.

The best thing thats happening now is Indians carry their attitude whichever country they go. Coming to the reason behind this post, recently I had to visit Indian Embassy in London. I expected a western way of organised proceedings but thanks to our Indian people for giving me a dose of Indian culture right in the heart of London.

The first thing I noticed when I reached the high commission on a cold wet day was there were two long queues and the counters had unclear notices. So we can see confused desi as well as foreign faces asking the member in the queue on "whats the queue for?".

The moment you find the right queue and get your token, there is a race for getting into the embassy with that token. They open a door slighty just enough for wind to blow and people squeeze in. You can see some brawl happening between the person who opens the door and people trying to enter without tokens. After all these tamashas once you get in there is absolutely no clear indication on where to go. You blindly follow the majority and enter into a room with 10 counters.

You do all calculations in your mind using logrithms and differential equation and guess your queue and join a queue. Still you can see confused faces as we see people being called by token numbers. So you wont know if they will call by token number or by queue. In some counters they use token numbers and in some only queue is used (then why issue a token?).

All over the place you can find only confused faces. If goundamani sees that he will call "thiruvilale thulainju pona kolanthai maathiri". In this chaos you can find people boasting about their passport has run out of pages and they need another passport etc etc.

You also find a intimidating note saying if anybody acts rudely to Indian officials it is a criminal offence. So you find foerigners running between counters with no body to guide them. You can here some people irritatingly giving answers to people who ask doubts.

Why can't we do anything properly? Can't we learn from the best? Do we know about the existence of kind words in English?

Sevudan kaathule oothina sangu than ellame.


Balaji S Rajan said…

Super... I have been talking about this for many years and sad that things are still the same. I could say only one... Attitude. Please give me your email id.

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