Military Tank

Ever felt like run over by Military Tank? I do. Almost everyday. May be the only difference is the size of the Tank. One day feel like like run over by truck and another day feel like shot by a canon.

The futileness of living in this universe and especially writing a stupid blog makes it much more worthless.

Wherever you see an Indian with a white guy you can see the Indian laughing for a Joke which would qualify immediatly for the most insipid joke of the century. What is the guy trying to achieve by pleasing the white? I agree there are some people who do come up with a cracker of a joke but we do laugh for almost anything, sometimes even BBC news.

People have totally lost the meaning of living if at all there is one. That included me as well. Let me accept it before some anon replies in comment asking if I know the meaning.

People tend to get happy for taking useless revenges like today i will not have coffee with him, today i will not call him, today let him die.

The whole world and the system sucks.


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