As I ..

As I walked along the path which I treaded the past one year I was filled with mixed emotions. I will not be seeing these places anymore. I will not be walking this path to my office between 8.50 AM to 9.00 AM. Will this place miss me? No it wont. People will be going on with their usual chores. Buses 203, 216, 116 will keep on operating in irregular times. People will randomly roam around the high street. Thames water level will increase and decrease every alternate day. Sun will show its face once in a fortnight. Life will go on as usual. But I will not be part of that system. I will become part of another system where things will be totaly different. The Sun which hides its face here will be available at its best in the new system.

Chennai, here I come.


Balaji S Rajan said…

That is the way life goes...Isn't it? I have felt the same many times years before. But later realised that nothing stops for us. Again, if we could get used to this philosophy life is easy. Be attached and detached.. 50/50. Nothing is permanent kind of philosophy.
Dan said…
yes balaji getting attached brings pain when we are detached. its getting difficult to remain as thaneer thuli on thamarai
cowey said…
get over it dude!!!

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