Sega Fighta

I always wanted a Rajini movie to have songs like Boys, Kaadhalan, Indian etc. Deva always gave a dandanakka songs for Rajini and that became the defacto standard for Rajini movies. Even AR had to follow the same path.

Sivaji being a Shankar movie I was expecting Shankar type songs. After hearing Sivaji songs I am not able to conclude whether this is what I expected. Definitley the songs are different. I liked all the songs but can Sivaji be called the best of AR or Shankar? I dont know may be I dont want to answer.

I keep humming Sega fighta song atleast 100 times a day. I listen to Vaaji Vaaji and Sahana song atleast thrice a day. If Rajini's factor was not there would I have done the same with these songs?

In the corner of my heart I still feel it could have been better.


ganesh said…
yes, definetly it could have been better. I meant about the subject you have written.
Dan said…
who are you? mysterious ganesh?

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