Customer Service

In chennai the level of customer service you get depends most of the time on value of your make up. Chennai has lot of sudstandard showrooms. When they launched Viveks in Adyar I expected a shop with the standards of Media Market or Best Buy but we got another substandard shop. Vasanth & co, VGP, Viveks and many more shops which operate just in small sq ft rooms. You have lesser variety and you cannot roam around on your own. The moment you enter the shop people will start tailing you asking what we want. Only in TVs you can see lot of variety in the showrooms all other products you cant find variety.

The product knowledge the salesperson has also most of times are limited and this is the same whichever country you go. In Chennai I find it difficult to go to shops just to enquire about the products because the moment the sales persons finds out we are there just to enquire the service level decreases.

There are some shops in chennai where I found the customer service to be excellent one of them was JFA. Excellent customer service whether you go there just to enquire or to buy.

But one thing is for sure with the type of attitude we have developed over the years chances of Chennai turning out to be courteous is very very limited.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I could understand. Regarding the product knowledge of the salesmen even here most of them do not have sufficient knowledge. I have found that. In India you need to visit few showrooms to check the prices and buy.

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