If the millions and millions of visitors who visit this blog frequently finds this post repetitive I apologise. This is something which happens to me every day and if I dont express it I might die early because of heart attack.

Everyday reaching home intact is a miracle. Those who dont believe in miracle please believe now as all chennai road users experience miralce day to day.

The utter disregard for traffic rules in chennai roads is a very pleasent experience. There are two people who irritate you the ones who go very slow in the center of the road even though the road is free of traffic and not giving way to people behind them. The other category is when you have a giant sized lorry or bus before you and you yourself are struggling to overtake there will be people behind you who will be sitting on their horns. The most frequent honkers are pulsar riders. Pulsar riders can be tolerated but autowallas and tvs 50 guys will sometime be honking when the speed that they can go at max will be only 30 KM/Sec.

Today I saw a girl who overtook me in a road which doesnt look like a road where monster vehicles driven by blind people prowl. She didnt seem like she is bothered by the fact she just overtook me in one of those women friendly scooters. Girls too nowadays show middle finger to safety rules.

Long live chennai traffic.


Balaji S Rajan said…

I could visulaise the entire post. Chaotic scenes, smokes, accidents, traffic jams, unruly motor cyclists, PTC drivers parking hapazhard, CM passing and traffic being held, heat during that, a corporation lorry unserviced exhausting fumes and spoiling our dresses, a roaring water tank lorry.... hmmm what not... a woman with a child begging in Teynampet signal. I am totally with you.

I pity the innocents.
Dan said…
i can see it only worsening in the future :(

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