Nanganallur Traffic

In Palavanthangal there are two one ways one towards Nanganallur from the Palavanthangal subway and another one from Nanganallur towards the subway. Most of the time I see people trying to use the oneways as bidirectional. They check if there are any traffic police and then they use the road in a wrong way. The morons dont realise that if they simply follow the rule they will make their destination with just 30 seconds difference. If you assume the roads to be one way and go without care you will be kncoked down in few seconds. This attitude of our guys is really a pain. These guys will never change in 1000 years.
The change made near Guindy, Little mount and Rajbhavan proves to be a success. But the moment you cross the SPIC building it is horrible. The share auto guys make you want to scream.


Balaji S Rajan said…
I have felt the same many times and have even got irritated and have stopped my motorbike and shouted at those who were not doing it. Hmmmm.... No way. Our people will never think.

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