Coorg - 1

Last friday we started as a group to Coorg. We zeroed in on Coorg based on feedback from people who have been there before. Infact one of those guys accompanied us as well. So the plan was to go to Bangalore and from there take bus to Coorg.

All of us assembled in Chennai Central and took the 9.30 train to Mysore. We played cards for sometime made noise and irritated copassengers and then finally had whisper talks with lights off. Bangalore came at 4.30. Since we didnt have much choice all of us got down. Some of us used the waiting room restroom for freshening up. Had some coffee. Already we could feel the chill in the air. After n number of calls to the person who was arranging the bus finally the bus came and we all settled into the bus around 6.30 and thus started our long journey.

Some small games kept us occupied for some time inside the bus. Then we went to a near by hotel and had our breakfast. Then again the journey continued with Style song blaring through the bus speakers.

Slowly we could see the weather changing the we were entering the wet zone. From wet zone the bus was only moving into wetter zone. Finally we had a second stopover for some more coffee.

As our journey continued we could see flooded fields and water gushing through all canals. Our spirits were dampened and finally the bus started climbing the hill which made me dizzy. The bus went on and on as if there is no end.

Finally driver accepted he doesnt know the route and with our mobiles also not working we had a tough time. Atlast somehow we contacted the place where we had booked our rooms and they guided us to the final place.

As I got down from the bus the only though that was there in my mind was Leeches..


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