Coorg - 2

Coorg - 1

As we stepped dpwn from the bus, the only thought on my mind was leeches. Before the start of the trip everybody warned of leeches during dry day but the way it was raining I was expecting leeches as in the movie Slither.

I was wearing a footwear which exposed my foot. It was drizzling when we got down. We were told we had to walk 5 mins to reach our rooms. I was expecting some kind of road. But finally found out we were asked to walk through a othayadi paathai both sides sorrounded by shrubs. Finally we were walking through empty field where water was stagnant till knuckle. It was like in the movie Anacondas 2 where they will be walking through the jungle. Only crocodile hunter will walk in such a place without fear. With each step n number of things under water sorrounded my foot and as I lifted water dripped down. We could see the rooms some kms away. The place looked like Cobras favorite place. Rain intensified on the way. We walked through that rain and finally reached one of the rooms.

When I was thinking things couldnt get worse than this we were pointed towards a hut which stood in the middle of a river and told few of us should stay there. With the rooms on this side being full. Few of us were left with no other choice than to move there.

We walked among knee deep water full of weeds and entered the hut and found out everything was very open about it. The caretaker told that the previoud night water almost came inside the hut and now water had receded and by tomorrow everything will be fine. But as if to prove him wrong rain intensified outside.

Given below is the picture of the hut.


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