Coorg - 3

Coorg - 2

The rain never stopped. After a crowded wet lunch we decided against going for trekking. Everyone had scared us about the Leeches and after this rain we thought it would be dangerous to venture into leech infested area. We ended up playing card games and watched rain batter outside. Then we attempted few other games like chinese whispers and went for dinner.

After dinner again game of cards and chit chat. Then everyone hit the damp bed with wind howling outside.

When we woke up the next morning the river level had risen and we decided against going to the waterfall. As it was raining continuosly we decided it would be better to start to bangalore to avoid any delayes because of flooded roads. We had our breakfast, packed our things and started towards the parking space which was a km away from the rooms. The path was again full of weeds and water. It was a scary walk.

As we reached the bus we were informed that the bus battery has drained and it is not starting. After pushing the bus here and there we were left exhausted. After some efforts to recharge the battery we started towards civilisation. It took us around8 hrs to reach Bangalore. After a great dinner near the station we boarded chennai mail and reached chennai at 4.30 AM.

Thus ended the journey to coorg.


K Praveen said…
Yeah, sumtimes we got to convince ourselves :( like writing a function with only open and close braces and calling it compiled..
Dan said…
wat an analogy !!!!

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